Helical Pier Systems (HPS) installers have the equipment and experience to install any size of helical pile under almost any conditions. Areas of expansive soil, high water tables as well as areas with unstable soil are not a problem. HPS engineers have design experience with helical pile foundations from projects over deep wet organic soils to dense permafrost. Using helical piles allows for immediate loading and with a fraction of the time required to install unlike auger cast or driven piles. This can save a lot of in the foundation construction of your projects.

With our range of equipment—from skid steers, to boom trucks and excavators, we are able to install in almost any working environment. Areas with confined spaces or limited access are not a problem. Utilizing long reach equipment not only makes tight access areas more accessible, it allows longer lengths to be installed, reducing the need to add on extensions.

All installers are HPS trained and certified and are the best in the industry providing on-time, quality products with consistent installation. We have all the proper equipment for pile mark surveying using Trimble robotic total station, Trimble LM80 user interface and Spectra long range laser levels to ensure install accuracy.

Our teams are certified for field welding. We have CWB, Division 2, procedures for shielded metal arc and flux core capabilities with portable welding units.

The installation of helical piers has almost limitless capabilities. This technology has been successfully used for oil & gas, transmission & distribution, alternative energy, industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Helical Pier Systems (HPS) installers have the proper equipment and experience to install any size of helical pile. The bigger the pile, the bigger the loads.

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